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Noble Task

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In the still of the night, alone, a woman contentedly sews a banner of a large Falun emblem — the symbol of the Falun Gong practice. Hers is the untold story of the painstaking work and care that goes into Falun Gong’s colorful public events; such events typically seek to raise awareness of oppression in China. Many like her quietly give of themselves, in keeping with Falun Gong’s teaching of selflessness, wishing to promote understanding and awareness. The banner’s radiant hues and gentle silk surface are mirrored by the woman’s countenance; despite the many hours she has likely put into the task, pleasantness still exudes forth. Her banner will probably be used in a march or parade the following day.

Poster Size: 19.5" x 24.5"

Canvas Size: 31.8" x 40"

Painter: Xiqiang Dong

***Canvas Processing time: 1-2 weeks***

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