Monkey King - A Coloring Book Vol.1

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Monkey King - A Coloring Book Vol.1

Shen Yun’s legend-inspired dances have long been much loved for their playful characters and dramatic storylines. To celebrate this success, we bring you the Journey to the West coloring book! All graphics in the book are drawn in the traditional Chinese style. This volume includes two stories: How the Monkey King Came to Be and Monkey King and the Dragon Palace.   

Journey to the West, one of China’s four great classic novels, is ranked undisputedly as the number one book for young readers. The story follows the journey of Tang Monk and his three enigmatic disciples as they travel 50,000 miles on foot to obtain Buddhist scriptures. Full of breathtaking events and the age-old wisdom of Chinese culture, the story has touched the hearts of generations of children and adults alike.

How the Monkey King Came to Be
This story begins with meeting Monkey King, who would later become Tang Monk’s first disciple. Hatched out of a mystical rock perched on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, this magical monkey claimed kingship over the land and lived in carefree bliss—that is until he learned of his own mortality. Join Monkey King as he sets out to seek the elixir of immortality. Who will he encounter on his adventure? Will he succeed in his quest?

The Monkey King and the Dragon Palace
In this story, our favorite monkey returns endowed with superpowers. Yet he is still unsatisfied. After all, shouldn’t the perfect monkey also be in possession of the perfect weapon? Upon learning that the undersea dragon palace has a treasure trove of divine weapons, Monkey King vows to claim one. What havoc will he wreak this time? Will Monkey King find his dream weapon?  


• Size: 12’’x 9’’x 0.31’’
• Pages: 64
• Suggested color medium: Color pencils

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