Zhen Shan Ren Wondrous Pen - Navy

Zhen Shan Ren Wondrous Pen - Navy

Zhen Shan Ren Wondrous Pen - Navy

This exquisite pen collection honors the remarkable values of Falun Dafa, 真 (zhēn) Truthfulness, 善 (shàn) Compassion, and 忍 (rĕn) Forbearance, as conveyed in Shen Yun’s dance pieces. Bringing these three meaningful characters to life through a charming design, the featured gold and silver pens in this collection are also elegantly embellished with intricate Chinese knots. May your daily adventures shine with a wonderfulness that reaches toward Heaven.


• 5 1/2" x 0.5"
• Medium ballpoint pen
• Black ink made in Germany
• G2 Standard pen refill
• Twist action
• Gift boxed

Note: To change the ink cartridge, twist open the body of the pen and pull out the old cartridge. Remove the spring from the old cartridge and replace it into the new with the smaller end of the spring on top. Insert the ink cartridge into the lower half of the body, and then replace the top and twist to close.

Made in Taiwan

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