2015 Concert Tour Blu-ray & CD Set

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2015 Concert Tour Blu-ray & CD Set - Shen Yun Shop

2015 Concert Tour Blu-ray & CD Set

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Close your eyes and let the music transport you to heavenly realms. Experience and be inspired by this masterful breakthrough in the classical music traditions of East and West. With delightful ancient Eastern melodies supported by the grand air of the Western symphonic orchestra, each track soothes the soul. Details: Hurry to collect this 2015 Shen Yun Symphony Concert Tour Bluray & CD set. Original works crafted exclusively for this one-of-a-kind orchestra, including Following the Creator to Renew All Things, Snow-Capped Celebration, Courtyard Elegance, The Power of Compassion and more. Enjoy classics from Tchaikovsky and Pablo De Sarasate, and vocal performances by several of the world’s top Chinese vocalists. Be inspired by melodies from 5,000 years of civilization!


• DVD 85 min
• CD 65 min
• English, Chinese Subtitles
• NTSC Widescreen
• PCM Stereo

*** This Blu-ray does not include Shen Yun’s dance show, but only Shen Yun’s symphony orchestra’s performance. ***

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