2013 Concert Tour DVD & CD Set

2013 Concert Tour DVD & CD Set - Shen Yun Shop

2013 Concert Tour DVD & CD Set

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Take home traditional melodies from the East and the West. Shen Yun orchestra is currently the world’s only orchestra that masterfully blends ancient Chinese instruments with a full Western symphony orchestra. Our concert tour CD & DVD features the original Shen Yun repertoire drawing upon five millennia of history and culture with an array of legends and peoples from ancient times. The concert also features Western classical repertoire and the performances of Shen Yun vocalists. Collect an exclusive set of two CDs and a DVD from the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra's 2013 Concert Tour!


• DVD 100 min
• CD 80 min
• English, Chinese Subtitles
• NTSC Widescreen
• PCM Stereo

*** This DVD does not include Shen Yun’s dance show, but only Shen Yun’s symphony orchestra’s performance. ***

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