The Peaches of Immortality Scarf

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The Peaches of Immortality Scarf

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If you love Chinese legends and myths, you will certainly enjoy this playful scarf! It tells a story from one of China’s classic novels, “Journey to the West”, which is also part of Shen Yun’s repertoire.

Before Monkey accompanied Tang Monk on his journey for sacred scriptures, the Jade Emperor assigned him to be the guardian of the Immortal Peach Orchard.

These peaches, as depicted in the center of this scarf, have magical powers, with some of them ripening every 3000 years and some only ripening every 9000 years. The latter ones grant immortality to those who eat them, which of course made our mischievous Monkey’s mouth water.

While Monkey is feasting on the peaches, he is caught by the seven fairies who were sent by the Jade Empress to pick peaches and sets off an uproar in heaven.

This exquisite yet playfully charming scarf takes you into the great classic novel Journey to the West, which also inspired Shen Yun’s How the Monkey King Came to Be.


  • 100% silk twill
  • 14mm, hand roll
  • 36" x 36"

Made in Italy

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