Courtyard Elegance Fan Bookmark

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Courtyard Elegance Fan Bookmark

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Confucius says, “To live among virtuous people is to live among orchids.” The orchid blooms in neglected locales, displaying its beauty and fragrance even if no one is there to appreciate it. Similarly, a Confucian gentleman holds himself to the highest standards even when alone and unseen. The orchid is one of Chinese culture’s ‘Four Gentlemen,’ along with plum, bamboo, and chrysanthemum.

This design draws inspiration from the fans in the Shen Yun dance, Courtyard Elegance. The round fans of ancient China were favorites of traditional Chinese ladies, who embodied elegance and delicacy. Here, the orchid presents its humble beginnings and determination, born in lonely gorges to spread its fragrant beauty far and wide.


• 1.02”(W) x 3.07” (L)
• 24K Gold Plated

Made in Korea

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