2019 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra - DVD, Blu-ray & CD Set

2019 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra - DVD, Blu-ray & CD - Shen Yun Shop

2019 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra...

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Find relaxation in the beautiful melodies of the East and West. The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra exquisitely blends ancient Chinese folk instruments with a full Western symphony orchestra. The all-new 2019 program on DVD, Blu-ray and CD features original works inspired by five millennia of traditional Chinese culture and history, as well as time-honored classics by renowned composers such as Tchaikovsky and Dvorak.


• DVD/Blu-ray 1 hours 33 min
• CD 1 hours 13 min
• English, Chinese Subtitles
• NTSC Widescreen
• PCM Stereo

*** This DVD does not include Shen Yun’s dance show, but only Shen Yun’s symphony orchestra’s performance. ***

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